My Bestpal Wedding

Yesterday which is December 25th 2009, Christians are celebrating the Christmas by having dinner or something else with their families. It is a very special day I know, but the thing that make more special is my bestpal has her wedding ceremony. Her name is Riana Vilianita and she marry an army named Zulhakim.

The wedding is held on Kodam Building in Malang start at 7 pm. Usually when an army had wedding ceremony, there will be an opening ceremonial called pedang-pora . When I know about that, I am so excited to go earlier to that wedding, but unfortunately one of my friends comes late. Yes, me and my friends (Titis, Anto, Hakim, Angga, Ratih, and Idham) are riding Titis' car. And the one who comes late is Angga.

So we arrived at Kodam Building at around 7.15 and meet Riva, Muren, Gondrong, Dedet, Reby, Mas Yudi, Bang Ochon, and Brando. We promise to meet in front of the building and come in together. But we are still waiting Primi and Gatya for about 5 minutes. After that, We are complete and ready to do the handshake with the newly wed and their parents. For your information, in Indonesia we are usually do the handshake and greet the groom, bride, and their family as well on kind of stage.

Then we finally meet the newly wed, GOSH.!! They are awesome. Really, I think it's because their happiness aura. After we done with the greet and handshake thingy, we go to the diningroom which is so crowded. Okay let's start to queue then. I eat a lot as always :) My menu is fried rice, shrimp, chicken, broccoli, tongue, dim sum, and soup. The menu is outstanding I think.

After we fill our stomach up, we are ready to take some pictures. These are some of our pictures captured:

-The Boys-

-The Girls-


Unfortunately I do not have the pictures with the groom and bride because it was taken by the professional photographer.

The last but not least, I ask my friend to capture me as well:

The question that still play in my mind is:
"When will be my wedding ceremony? and who is my bride?"


fashion is never be wrong

I forget about the exact date I become a freak of this website, but the one who makes me know about this website is Ririe Agun. She was my senior high school mate, although we never in the same class.

Yes, it is looklet. And I work with some designs that I like to play with my models. For your information, I do not understand about what is happen in fashion industry, but I like to fashion my life or you can say my life is fashion. :)

So do not ever feel wrong with fashion, because you are what you wear.

These are some of my works:

Which one is your favorite??

Please visit my page in: http://looklet.com/user/211831


The Beautiful 24th Dec 2009

Today is Thursday with some special things compare with the other Thursday before. Yes, today is Christmas Eve. Although I am not celebrate this event, but i always love the spirit of Christmas.

I can see almost Christians going to the church with their special clothes and bring the bible as well. After that they will have dinner with all their families and end up with exchange the presents to the ones they loved (I do not know whether that will be happened in Christmas Eve or Christmas Day).

But the things that I love the most for Christmas are all the songs and movies, especially cartoons that accompany my days recently. I wish a Merry Christmas to all Christians, may joy comes to your life as always.

PS: I want a Christmas tree in my room Santa Claus.! :)

*Picture: http://julie1226.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Tree-104984504

Cerita Kopi

Have I told you that writing is one of my passion to really enjoy my time. Yes, I love writing a lot although the result is not good as professional ones. So call me amateur writer (And soon become the professional one of course. Amin)

Here is my another piece titled "Cerita Kopi"

Dalam segala keterbatasan melodi,
Sang pemimpin orkestra melambaikan jemarinya,
Menatap para pemusik dengan haru,
Seraya berucap kata mati dan berhenti.

Orkestra itu hanya terdiri dari segelintir manusia,
Tidak dapat dikatakan mereka hidup atau mati,
Musik yang dimainkan berada pada nada rendah,
Hingga membuat harmonisasi kelam dan hitam.

Pemimpin orkestra hanya termangu dan diam,
Dia tak tahu lagi harus berbuat apa,
Sudah tiga purnama dan tujuh fajar mereka berlatih,
Namun hasilnya nihil, bahkan minus.

Rasanya tempat bermusik yang dahulu mencipta karya,
Berbalik menjadi palung sengsara,
Dimana tak terlihat lagi aura gilang gemilang,
Hanya kosong terbentang, belaka sunyi menantang.

Gurun akhirnya membubarkan orkestra itu dalam kekecewaannya,
Berkata untuk tak perlu lagi hadir esok hari,
Begitupun dengan lusa ataupun esok minggu,
Ya.. Pemimpin orkestra itu adalah Gurun.

Tak pernah ada yang tahu mengapa Ia bernama Gurun,
Dirinya pun tak ingin bersusah payah untuk mencari tahu,
Yang Ia tahu Gurun berarti padang pasir yang tandus,
Sama halnya seperti hatinya yang tandus.

Gurun masih memandangi kertas-kertas nada yang rumit,
Lalu pergi ke ruang lain untuk memenuhi hasratnya,
Hasrat yang selalu timbul setelah Ia lelah bermusik,
Sebuah cangkir, air panas, dan kopi aroma baru menunggunya.

Ini adalah kesekian cangkir kopi dalam kurun waktu tiga bulan,
Rasa dan aroma kopi yang tidak pernah sama setiap harinya,
Kemudia gurun menyentuh kopi itu dengan bibirnya,
Sayang bukan kopi ini jawaban atas kebimbangannya.

Gurun menghabiskan kopi itu dalam sekali teguk,
Lidahnya membara akan rasa panasnya,
Namun Ia tak perduli,
Gurun telah mati.

Setelah hari itu,
Gurun berkelana untuk mengecap setiap cangkir kopi yang ada,
Ia akan berhenti sampai saatnya tiba,
Saat dimana gurun mendapat cerita dalam secangkir kopinya.

-Pamungkas, 7:13 PM 5/28/2009-

*Picture: http://morkork.deviantart.com/art/coffee-68172331


Do you believe love at first sight.?

Currently I change my status in facebook into:
"Do you believe love at first sight?"
And suddenly so many comments I received regarding that status,
I will breakdown it..

Andina Fitri at 6:10am April 10
yes i do.. hehhehee
sedang terjadi ya pang??

Wily Ariwiguna at 6:38am April 10
great love provides you the first of everything:)

Ristri Putri at 7:03am April 10 via Facebook Mobile
He8, bnyk yg nanya kyk gini pank. . JwbQ siiih, katanya begitu. . He8

Shabree Abdee at 7:27am April 10
eh salah... cowo / cewe..?? hi hi hi hi

Nissa Rahmawati at 7:55am April 10 via Facebook Mobile
Nicha ctuju..
Ama yg mana pang?hìhì
Q tau,

Azizah Nadila Abdullah at 10:01am April 10
ma siapa mas?

Ria Ratnina Yulie at 11:01am April 10
Asiiiikkk....akhirnya adek gw naksir cewe (eh, cewe kan yg loe taksir??)...hehehe...udah mulai deg2an niy, loe gak naksir2 cewe...

Sandra Hapsari at 7:58pm April 10 via Facebook Mobile
Knp loe?.. lg sk ma cewe?!.. alhmdulillah.. klo sk mgknlah.. tp love at first sight??.. nggak bgt!! hehehe..

CinTa NoRa at 10:22am April 11
apank,, kayaknya km skrg ngalamin ya..
crita2 dunk pank..

Martin Johannes at 4:24pm April 11
hahaha,,si apank memang lagi tumben tumbenan neh suka ama cewek,,rahasia lu terjamin kuq pank,,
ceweknya titip salam ke elu juga tuh pank,,=p
disalamin balik gak?

Nissa Rahmawati at 12:04am April 13 via Facebook Mobile
Sabaarr pang.?
Mang tau sapa yg dy pilih?
Sok tau..

It's so surprising me especially comment from my sisters (mbak nina and mbak sandra -red).
Even my mom directly call me up..

My First Song Lyrics

I like write something that related to my life, but usually it kind of poems or something the same.
And one day, I want to make some song lyrics that really reflect my current condition.
Here my first song lyrics that published:


I'm walking in this way,
Without you accompany my day,
I feel nothing instead of something,
All I want to do is dying.

My mobile phone seems so silent,
Ignoring my guilty feeling that never end,
I'm still waiting for her confirmation,
For all of my notifications.

This condition just like in a sad movie,
With me as the main actor,
And you become the main actress,
But we don't have any director to lead our story..

I'm still walking in the middle of crowd,
Listening all jason mraz songs on my shuffle,
Wearing the same t-shirt when we're still be a couple,
Questioning that you'll come back to my world oh my girl..

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my daily people

we call us as triplet,
so unpredictable that i met them in my journey to malang..
"malang is not poor i think, but so lucky for me"


another chit-chat with ratih

i just sharing about my feeling to my bestpal, ratih utanti putri..
and finally we ended with a very great learning point, which is
"we are sure that people must be very happy with their life as we are happy with our life"
don't you think it's kind a very cool chit-chat.??


so crazy about this site

It's been a long time that i don't post to my life-blog.
But, with no doubt it's good to be back again. And i don't know why, my first thing inside my mind when i wanna post something is related to my hobby currently, which is surfing in very gorgeous website named lookbook.nu