How Long for Us to Live?

I had a quite sad weekend last week since receiving bad news in two days in a row. On Saturday afternoon, I received group blackberry messenger about an officemate who passed away after fighting Lupus disease over these 7 years. I didn’t know about her actually, but we worked in the same region. She was in a young age and brought shock feeling to everyone in the group after knowing about that news. I really hope that she rest in peace and I do believe Allah has already diminished her sins as one of fighters for Lupus disease.
The following day, my friend PING!!! me on personal blackberry messenger. She told me that one of our seniors has passed away because of an accident. Her name is Putri Hutami Santoso if I am not mistaken and we called her Kak Iput. I knew her since my first semester in Brawijaya University Malang, East Java. She was an official for new student’s orientation and also one of committees in external students club whom the members come from Jakarta. She was really good senior for me, even I and my friend ever discussed about her tweets which really nice to be read.
Mbak Ayu and The Late Kak Iput

She was probably 27 years old when the accident happened and got her second baby in her tummy for 8 months. Oh this was the saddest thing, none of them is alive. Based on what I heard from Mbak Ayu, the accident happened on 7 pm. Kak Iput and her husband on their way home after visiting Gynecologist when a car crushed on their motorcycle. Kak Iput’s husband fell directly on the road, while Kak Iput got dragged along some meters on the road. The car was just running away and left them lonely.

I believe Allah really love you, Kak Iput. In my prayer, I hope you and your baby have already rest in peace in His heaven waiting for your husband and your first child. I will always remember your kindness and spirit. I will remember that you’re the one who give me a spoon when we have to break our fasting in the middle of the road, while every senior that I’ve already asked just ignore me. We will miss you, Kak. :)

From two stories above, we must realize that our time in this world will end. We do not know for how long we will live and how we will face our death. One thing for sure, we have to give good legacy to society before we left this world for good. We have to be beneficial for others and completing our bucket of lists. So for how long for us to live?

Photo credit to Mbak Ayu


Anonymous said...

No one can know, Pang :)

pamungkasalamin said...

I know Tenks, hopefully we contribute a lot of good deeds before we face Him ya :)

Dewi Aja said...

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Anonymous said...

pang.. gw juga suka kepikiran..
kalo ternyata the next 2 seconds gw udh dipanggil, or andy di panggil.. hiks. selalu kepikiran dan takut ga siap :(

pamungkasalamin said...

Iya sel, semoga kita selalu dibimbing Allah ya biar saat kita harus "ngadep", kita dalam keadaan khusnul khotimah :)