Dedicated to Fitria Avicenna

Dearest Fitria Avicenna,

Looking backward to 2008 when we met for the first time, I can see a woman with humbly attitude and big potential. You always put your sincere smile on your pretty face. You always simply appreciate to others’ stories and actions. And you never gave up with your dreams although you have to pass the up and down phase.

I never expected when knowing that I had been chosen as your Mentor a year after. And that was the beginning for our relationship. I feel overwhelmed happy to be your mentor since I know you will become “someone” in the future, but the other side I feel terribly bad since I can’t put more times for our bonding.

And after years, I felt that the mentor-mentee relationship is no longer suit for us. Why? It is because you’re already able to stand by your own feet. You know what path you have to take. You know what good and bad for your own development. You know more things than me. So I decided to have sibling relationship with you. And the best part of it is the relationship is still happen until now.
Happy birthday my lovable sibling, my inspiring fellas, and my independent bestfriend. Thank you for teaching me how to struggle to achieve my goals. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person. And thank you for your countless kindness during our sibling-tionship.

On my bended knee, I ask Allah to give you prosperity and protection. May you showered with love by people around you. Always be YOU and spread your positive energy to others just like you had to me. Happy birthday once again dearest sibling, really miss our good times.

Hugs from Lubuklinggau,