3 Lil Pigs in Photo Session

Hey Folks,

Yesterday I've just met my 2 bestfriends, Dwi Siti Aisyah (Cha-cha) and Muhammad Rico Bramaditya (Rico) in Cha2x's home. It always great pleasure when spending our leisure time together, ahh ya we call us as "3 Lil Pigs". Actually the first person who shouted that name is Cha2x. Mm, maybe it's because we love to eat till dead. Haha.

I will describe them briefly. We're friend since our junior high school until now. Can you count how long it is, yes it's been around 9 years. What a very long friendship.

Dwi Siti Aisyah.
She worked as Junior Art Director in Octonom (Sorry if i made a wrong spelling), yes worked! But she just has promoted as Art Director, well congratulation dear. She loves her job very much, although sometimes I'm afraid of her overtime working. Ahh ya, she really good in designing everything! If you're curios about her, just follow her on @sichacha31 .

Muhammad Rico Bramaditya.
He just graduated from Industrial Engineering, Trisakti University. There are a lot of companies who want to hire him, but he's kind of picky. Hehe. He's very smart since he became a lecturer assistant during his college time. Mm, he's really quite sometimes but can be so wild on the other side. LOL. Just follow him or you'll be soory on @ricoBRAM .

So here are some our silly pics. Adios.