my daily people

we call us as triplet,
so unpredictable that i met them in my journey to malang..
"malang is not poor i think, but so lucky for me"


another chit-chat with ratih

i just sharing about my feeling to my bestpal, ratih utanti putri..
and finally we ended with a very great learning point, which is
"we are sure that people must be very happy with their life as we are happy with our life"
don't you think it's kind a very cool chit-chat.??


so crazy about this site

It's been a long time that i don't post to my life-blog.
But, with no doubt it's good to be back again. And i don't know why, my first thing inside my mind when i wanna post something is related to my hobby currently, which is surfing in very gorgeous website named lookbook.nu